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Connecting to Teradek Core for Bonding and Professional Cloud Workflows

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You can easily connect your Wave to stream from the powerful Teradek Core cloud service for features such as bonding multiple networks, using professional streaming protocols for point to point workflows, multi-streaming and more.

Before you get started, sign up for a Core account at Corecloud.tv. You will need to set up streaming destinations on Core before you can add them to your Wave.

On your Wave’s home screen, tap the plus button to create a new event.

Name your event, choose a thumbnail and click next.

In the Stream Destination screen, tap Add an account and then tap Core. You will have the options of either logging in with your username and password on the Wave, or using a code.

Once you’ve logged in, your Core account will now show up on your Wave’s Destination list. Tap on your Core account and tap Next.

If you’re part of multiple organizations, choose the organization you want to use with your Wave and tap Next.

In the streaming server screen, if you have set up any Hyperion servers, they will show up here to choose from. Otherwise you can start an on-demand server by choosing “On Demand”, choosing a region closest to you and tap Start Server.

In the next screen, tap the check boxes next to the stream destinations you wish to stream to. You will need to set up these destinations on Core first. Tap Next when done.

In the next screen you can choose to enable recording to storage media connected to your Wave and backup recording to Core. Tap Enable to get started.

Choose your attached storage from the dropdown menu, then choose a recording name and recording format. Enable auto-record to start recording as soon as you go live.

Enable Backup to Core to backup your recording to Core after your stream is complete using Store and Forward and Chunking technology. Tap Next to continue.

In the next screen, you can customize your video resolution, bitrate and framerate, as well as your audio source and audio bitrate. Tap Finish after you’ve made your selections.

Your Wave’s Core event is now set up and will begin bonding all connected internet connections and sending your video feed to Core. Tap Stream to have Core begin streaming to all linked destinations.

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