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Adjusting Video Settings from the Web UI

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You have full control over Video settings from the Teradek Wave Web UI.

To get started, power on your Wave and access its Web UI. You can refer to our tutorial [here].

From the Web UI dashboard, click on the event you wish to adjust the settings of then click on the Audio/Video tab.

Twirl down the Video Settings to see all available settings. Starting from the top, is the Deinterlacer setting for interlaced video signals.

The resolution setting dropdown allows you to either have the Wave automatically select the broadcast resolution based on the video signal, or set it manually from one of the selections.

In the Bitrate Selection option, you can choose between either selecting from a List of presets in the Bitrate section, or entering a Custom value.

Under Framerate Selection, you can choose Auto to have the Wave automatically set the broadcast framerate to the incoming video signal’s framerate, or choose Custom to enable a dropdown selection of available framerates to manually set your broadcast to.

Under Key Frame Interval, you can choose how often the Wave encodes a full quality frame by increments of fractions of seconds. 

More keyframes within a length of time will increase the visual quality of your stream and help with high movement broadcasts, but may require higher internet bandwidths and bitrates

Below, you can enable or disable Front Panel Video to pause the video preview on your Wave screen. You can also choose the type of video synchronization in case you’re experiencing sync issues with the display.

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