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Streaming Platforms

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Wave features native integration with some of the most popular streaming platforms. Select a Stream Mode (Facebook, YouTube Live, Vimeo, or Wowza), then follow the prompts to link your account.


1. Select Facebook, YouTube Live, or Vimeo Livestream, then click Link your Account.

2. Copy the authentication code generated for your device, go to the link provided, then follow the instructions to authenticate your account.

3. Return to the Wave’s web UI and click Continue.
4. Enter the title, description and broadcast method, then adjust your privacy settings (if applicable). Click Save when you’re done.


1. Select Wowza Streaming Cloud

2. From your computer, log into your Wowza account and select your live stream.

3. Click the Video Source and Transcoder tab, then select Teradek as your encoder.

4. Scroll down and click Regenerate Connection Code. You will be returned to your livestream’s home page where your connection code is displayed.

5. Enter the connection code in the field provided on the Wave display, then click Connect.


Wave can stream to other video platforms, CDNs, and streaming servers using RTMP mode, which is supported by most video streaming platforms. Selecting CHANNELS allows you to manually connect Wave to any RTMP platform using a server url and stream key, and will save the server URL, stream key, and login credentials to be used for future events. QUICK STREAM also supports RTMP streaming, but will not save the server URL, stream key, or your login credentials.

1. Select Channels or Quick Stream, then tap Next.

2. Create a channel name (if applicable), then enter  the URL and stream key/name information provided by the streaming service.

3. Enter your credentials (if applicable) then click Save.

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