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Event Video Settings - FlowOS

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Choosing the right video settings is crucial to having the most successful broadcast in your given internet bandwidth situation.

First, enter the Event Settings page and tap Video Settings. To learn how to access the Event Settings page, please refer to [this tutorial].

Tap the drop down menu for Resolution to choose from resolutions ranging from 1080p to 270p, or choose Auto to have resolution set to the incoming video source resolution. We recommend 1080p30 only for bitrates 4 mbps and above.

Next to Bitrate Selection, toggle between List and Custom to either choose from a list of preset bitrates or manually enter your own custom bitrate.

Your bitrate should be chosen based on available bandwidth. We recommend settings a bitrate lower than your available bandwidth to accommodate for network service slow-downs. One half of available bandwidth is a safe bitrate to set at.

Under encoding mode, you can toggle Adaptive Bitrate. Adaptive Bitrate will automatically adjust bitrate depending on available bandwidth and video movement.

Under Framerate selection, you can choose Auto to have the Wave match the incoming video signal’s framerate, or choose Custom to select from a dropdown list of framerates. 

This is useful if you have a higher framerate video signal and want to lower it to improve image quality per frame.

The Key Frame Interval slider allows you to choose how often a key frame is created. You can choose as often as every .1 seconds to as few as every 10 seconds. 

Shorter keyframe intervals will increase the visual quality of your stream and help with high movement broadcasts, but may require higher internet bandwidths and bitrates.

The Deinterlace Method dropdown allows you to choose field order if you are sending an interlaced video signal to the Wave.

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