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Adjusting Audio Settings in the Wave Web UI

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You have the same controls over audio settings in the Teradek Wave’s Web UI as on its screen.

To get started, power on your Wave and access its Web UI. You can refer to our tutorial on accessing the Web UI [here].

From the Web UI dashboard, click on the event you wish to adjust the settings of then click on the Audio/Video tab.

Twirl down the Audio Settings to see all available settings.

Under Audio Input, you can choose either the audio embedded in the HDMI input or the Analog input on the Wave itself (when using a separate audio mixer). Note that you can not mix both HDMI and Analog inputs together within the Wave.

You can Mute the program audio or adjust the volume of the broadcasting audio with the controls.

You can also mute the Loopout (headphone jack) of your Wave with the Loopout Mute toggle.

Adjust your audio bitrate by first choosing whether to choose from a list of presets or enter your own custom bitrate in Bitrate Selection. Then using either the dropdown or field to choose a bitrate.

Click Save to save your settings.

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