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Adding Streaming Accounts and Channels from the Web UI

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You can use your Teradek Wave’s Web UI to authorize and save live streaming platform accounts such as from Facebook Live and Youtube to be able to use again in future events.

You can also save repeatedly used RTMP settings as “channels” for future use.

To get started, power on your Wave and access its Web UI. You can refer to our tutorial [here].

In the main Web UI dashboard, click on Settings in the lower left corner, then click on the Streaming tab.

To authorize a streaming platform account, under Accounts, click the twirl down arrow (if collapsed) and click Add Account.

Click on your streaming platform. We will use Youtube as an example. An authentication code will be generated. Copy the code and follow the link and the following on screen steps to log into your Youtube Account.

Once authenticated, the account will show up under the Accounts list and you will be able to select it when creating new events in the Web UI (and  touchscreen FlowOS). You can click Sign Out to deauthorize your Wave.

To save an RTMP destination to use across multiple events, twirl down the Channels section with the arrow (if collapsed) and click Add Channel.

Give your channel a name and then enter the RTMP url, stream key and any username or password credentials (usually none required). Then click Create Channel.

Your channel will be added to the Channel section of your Streaming settings, ready to add to events.

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