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Configure Your Event Page Overview - Interactive

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You have access to all the important settings to your Event in the Event Settings page, such as destination, recording and audio/video settings.

These settings are saved to each event so you can prepare and test multiple broadcasts beforehand and switch between your events as “presets” for each broadcast.

In the Event Settings Page, on the left hand side are tabs to control each category of settings. Tap on General to change your internal Event Name and its thumbnail.

Tap on Stream Destination to change your chosen platform’s streaming settings, or change destinations entirely.

Tap on Recording Settings to Enable or Disable recording, as well as select which media to record to. Refer to [our tutorial on recording] for more information.

Tap Video Settings to customize your Resolution, Bitrate, Framerate and Key Frame Intervals. Please refer to [our tutorial] on video settings for more information.

Tap Audio Settings to choose whether to use audio embedded in the incoming HDMI signal or from the analog input, mute all audio, adjust audio volume and bitrate.

Tap the X on the top right corner to exit and return to the event screen.

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