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Connecting Wave to Sharelink

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Sharelink is Teradek’s cloud platform that offers Wave users two major advantages: multi-destination streaming for broader distribution, and network bonding for a more robust internet connection. Broadcast your live productions to an unlimited number of streaming platforms simultaneously while monitoring your stream from anywhere in the world. 

NOTE: A subscription to Sharelink is required to bond Internet connections.


1. Visit https://sharelink.tv and log in to your account. 

2. From the Wave monitor, navigate to the Streaming menu, select Sharelink, then Save.

3. Tap Link your account to display the authorization code.

4. Copy the authorization code generated for your Wave, then click on the link to return to the
     Sharelink web UI.

5. Select Add new device.

6. Enter the authorization code, then click Add.

7. Select a streaming server region then click Complete & Add.


1. Select Channels from the top of the screen, then tap Add new Channel at the bottom. 

2. Select a platform, than tap Link your account to enter your credentials. Repeat this step to pair additional channels (up to five channels). 

3. To pair channels that have already been configured, click Add channel from the home screen, select the channel(s) you wish to stream to, then click Add.

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