Teradek User Guide


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Wave has three 1/4”-20 threaded holes, two on each side to install the included stand kit, and one on the bottom to mount on a camera.


1. Place a rosette disc over one of Wave’s side mounting holes. 

2. Affix one of the stands over the rosette disc so that the both rosettes are facing each other (1) and the feet are facing towards you (2). 

3. Insert a thumbscrew through the stand and rosette disc and into the mounting hole (3), then slightly tighten the thumbscrew to secure the arm against the device. Ensure that the stand is loose enough in order to adjust the stands to your preference. 

4. Repeat steps 1-3 for the opposite side, then tighten both thumbscrews. 


1. Attach Wave to your camera’s arm mount, then screw on to secure. 

2. Orient the WiFi antennas so that each one has clear line−of−sight. 

3. Turn on your video source and connect it to Wave’s HDMI input, then power on Wave to enable Monitor Mode from the home page. 

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