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Monitor UI Top Menu Overview

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From Wave’s Monitor UI, you can manage Wave’s streaming, audio/video, recording, and network settings, and access the configuration menus via the Shortcut tab on the bottom right corner.


The Network drop-down tab displays the type of interface you are using (WiFi, Ethernet, or Modem) along with the corresponding IP address and name of the network, if applicable.


The Event drop-down tab displays the event name and destination (streaming account) you are configured to stream to. The Event tab also displays the resolution, video bitrate, and audio bitrate.


The Audio drop-down tab allows you to select an HDMI or Analog input, and adjust the Audio input and Headphone output volume.


Tap the Recording tab to Start or Stop your recording when Recording is enabled. If Recording is disabled, tap the tab to enter the Recording Settings, where you can either enable or disable the recording function and select a drive to record to.


The Stream tab displays the status and duration of your stream. Tapping the Stream tab allows you to start or end your live stream (Go Live and Preview options available only when YouTube is selected as the destination).


The Shortcut tab provides access to the Event Carousel, Event Configuration, Stream Quality, and System Settings menus. You can also adjust the display’s brightness and  monitor the stream quality via the pop up window.

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