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Creating an Event in the Wave Web UI

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You can prepare your live event broadcast completely from the device’s Web UI.

All events created in the WebUI will be saved and show up on the device screen’s FlowOS interface, allowing you to go back and forth seamlessly between WebUI and the FlowOS interface.

To get started, power on your Wave and access its Web UI. You can refer to our tutorial [here].

From the Web UI’s main screen, click on New Event. Enter your event name and click Create.

An event will be created. Under the Streaming tab on the lower half of the event page, click the twirl down to see the RTMP default settings. 

You can click Change destination to choose a different destination. If you choose a platform that requires authentication such as Youtube or Facebook, you have to first add the account in Settings, which we cover in [this tutorial].

For this example, we will create an RTMP destination and enter the Server URL and Stream Key.

If you wish to enable recording to an SD card or connected USB drive. Twirl down the Recording section, click Enable and select the drive, recording name, format and auto-record option. To learn about recording in more detail, please refer to [this tutorial].

Click Save and your settings will be saved and you can click Go Live to start streaming immediately.

You can also customize your audio and video settings by clicking the Audio/Video tab when you are not streaming.

Here you can adjust settings such as resolution, bitrate, frame rate, audio bitrate, audio input source etc We cover these settings in [this tutorial]. Click Save to save any changes made in this tab.

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