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Upgrading the Wave Firmware on FlowOS

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We recommend always updating your Wave’s firmware to the latest version, which is easy to do right on the device itself.

When the Wave is connected to the internet and detects a firmware update, by default, a notification will appear giving you the option of updating immediately.

To manually start the update process, first, enter the System Settings by tapping on the gear icon in the main screen. Scroll down the left menu and tap on Firmware under the System group to bring up the Firmware page.

The current installed firmware version will be listed at the top, and below are your firmware update options.

By default, Auto Firmware Check is toggled on. If there are any available firmware updates, and your Wave is connected to the internet, it will be displayed below.

Tap on the Upgrade button to begin updating your firmware.

If you've turned off Auto Firmware Check, you can manually check for updates by tapping the Check for Updates button. If a new update is found, tap, Upgrade to begin updating your firmware.

Do not disconnect your Wave from its power source during the update process.

For full release notes on firmware updates, please visit: https://teradek.com/pages/downloads#wave

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