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Accessing the Wave’s Web UI

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You can monitor and control your Wave on a computer that is connected to the same local network as your Wave through its robust Web UI. This is a convenient way to access all the same settings and controls as on your Wave screen without needing to be in front of the Wave.

Before you begin, make sure that the device you are accessing the Web UI from is connected to the same network as your Wave.

First, we’ll have to find the IP address of your Wave for the connection type.

Power on your Wave and tap on the gear icon to enter System Settings. If both of your devices are connected through WiFi, in the Wireless tab, tap the Gear icon next to the WiFi network you’re connected to. The IP address will show up underneath the network name.

If connected by ethernet, tap Wired. Your IP address will be displayed in the rectangle.

On your web browser on the device you’re accessing your Wave Web UI from, enter the IP address in your browser's URL bar and press enter.

The Wave’s web UI will load and you can begin to monitor and control your Wave right from your browser!

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