Teradek User Guide

Power and Connect

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1. Connect power to Wave via the included USB-C power input or attach one or both Sony L-series batteries to the built-in dual-battery plate on the back.

2. Press the Power button (B). Wave begins to boot as soon as the power is turned on. 

3. Attach the two Wi-Fi antennas (A) to the transmitter’s RP-SMA connectors.

4. Turn on your video source then connect it to Wave’s HDMI input.

5. Once Wave has booted, the main screen will be displayed. From the main screen you can create an event by tapping the Create a new Event tab or the + icon (see CREATE YOUR FIRST EVENT), or by swiping left on the screen. To configure your Network, Streaming, and System settings, tap the "gear" icon or swipe right. For Monitor mode, tap the "monitor" icon. 

MONITOR MODE: Monitor Mode allows you to use Wave as an on-camera display (see MOUNTING) once a video source is connected.

6. Use a hot shoe mount and a 1/4”-20 screw to mount Wave to your camera, if desired (see MOUNTING).

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