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Connect to a WiFi Network - Interactive

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The large built-in screen and graphic user interface on the Teradek Wave makes it easy to connect to a WiFi network.

To ensure your Event video and audio settings are optimal for your internet connection, we recommend testing your internet connection’s speed on another device on the same network using Google Speed Test, Ookla or others.

With your Wave powered on and on the main screen, tap the gear icon or swipe from left to right to enter System Settings.

Under the network section on the left side tabs, make sure Wireless is selected and make sure the WiFi Mode dropdown menu is set to Client. 

Once in Client mode, a list of available networks will be displayed. Tap the network you wish to connect to.

Enter the password for the WiFi network and tap connect. A confirmation message will display if successfully connected. Tap OK.

Once connected, you will see the WiFi network you’re connected to under the “Connected to:” section. You are now connected to the WiFi network and its internet connection.

The network you connect to will be remembered as a Saved Network. To view your saved networks, scroll down to the bottom of the Wireless page to see My Saved Networks to connect to one or delete it from the list.

“Connect to Saved Networks” is enabled by default. If you wish to always manually connect to networks, disable this feature by tapping the toggle.

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