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With Wave, you can record your broadcasts directly to a compatible SD card or USB drive. Each recording is saved with the same resolution and bitrate set on the device. 

●  Recordings are triggered manually or automatically. If Auto-Record is enabled in
     the Recording Settings, a new recording is automatically created when a
     broadcast starts.

●  For best results, use Class 6 or higher SD cards.

●  Media should be formatted using FAT32 or ExFAT.

●  File size is limited to 4GB for FAT32 formatted cards.

●  New recordings are automatically started after the file size limit is reached.

1. Insert a compatible SD card or USB drive into the corresponding slot. 

2. Tap the Shortcut tab and select Event Configuration

3. Tap the Recording Settings menu, and select Enabled

4. Select the drive you want to save the recording on.

5. Create a name for the recording, select a format, then enable Auto-Record.

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