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Let’s get your Wave connected to power, network and video hardware.

Connect your Wave to power via the included USB- C adapter and cable or with NPF (L-Series) batteries via the built-in plate.The USB-C port is on the bottom left of the Wave and the two NPF battery slots are on the back.

The NPF battery plate is hot swappable for continuous uninterrupted operation. When powered by USB-C, having a charged NPF battery will allow uninterrupted power if the USB-C cord is unplugged or loses power.

If connected to a WiFi network, we recommend attaching the included WiFi antennas to the top of the device.

If connecting to the internet via an ethernet cable, connect your internet-connected ethernet cable to the bottom port.

If you are connecting to cellular networks through USB modems, you can plug them into either of the two USB ports on the back of the Wave.

Connect your video source via an HDMI cable to the HDMI port on the bottom right of the Wave.

To feed audio in via a mixer instead of the embedded HDMI audio, connect the mixer via the 3.5mm input port. To monitor audio that is being broadcast, plug your headphones into the 3.5mm headphone jack.

To use the video recording feature, insert a compatible SD card into the slot on the top of the Wave. You can also connect a compatible USB storage device to the bottom USB port.

You will be guided through initial device registration before being brought to the main screen.

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