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Monitor UI Top Menu - Interactive

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The Event Page on your Wave device is where you can view the incoming HDMI signal of your program, as well as see the essential statistics of your event and stream.

Quick Menu

Starting from the top left, the tap the three lines to reveal the quick menu, where you can quickly access locations such as the Event home screen, Event Configuration screen, Stream Quality window, Display Brightness Slider and the System Settings screen.


Next, there is an icon indicating whether AC power or battery is being used. If powered by battery, tap on the icon to see remaining battery life.


Next over is your network connection indicator, which reflects your current network interface. Tap on the icon to view its IP address, which is useful for logging into the WebUI on another device.

Broadcast Destination

Tap on the platform and event name icon to see the basic information about your broadcast destination.


Next over is the audio meter, showing live readings of your audio levels. Tap on the Audio Meter to adjust your live stream (Master Audio) or headphone volume if needed. You can also change your audio source between HDMI, the Analog input on the bottom of the Wave or a mix of the two.


If you enabled recording, tap the REC button to begin recording to your selected media and the button will become red and show a recording time counter. If not enabled, tapping on the button will bring you to the recording configuration screen.

Go Live

Tap the Stream button to begin streaming your video and audio to your selected destination. Youtube broadcasts will first ask whether you want to stream a non-public preview or start broadcasting publicly. 

Once Live, the stream button counter will indicate how long you’ve been live.

Tap the Stream button again to end your live stream. Youtube broadcasts will give you an option to Stop Broadcast to pause the Complete Broadcast to end the event.

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