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Connecting with the Wave App -Interactive

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You can view your Teradek Wave’s statistics, preview the incoming video signal and bond your mobile device’s cellular connection to your Wave with the Wave iOS and Android app.

Before you get started, install the Wave app on your mobile device from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

You can connect to your Wave by either directly connecting your mobile device to your Wave via its WiFi Access Point Mode or by connecting your mobile device to the same WiFi-connected network that the Wave is on.

First, power on your Wave and connect your mobile device to either to the Wave’s Access Point network (If WiFi is set to Access Point) or to the same network that it’s a client of (in Client mode). 

In this example, both the Wave (in Client mode) and an iPhone are connected to the WiFi network “SHUflies”.

Launch the Wave app and you will enter the Select a Wave screen. Swipe down to refresh the list if your Wave doesn’t show up immediately.

Tap on your listed Wave and you will see a preview of the video signal as well as its destination, video and audio settings.

Tap on the stats button on the upper right to see your Wave’s current real time live stream statistics, which are available when you’re streaming.

From the Wave’s home screen on the app, you can tap Link Phone to start sharing your phone’s internet connection with the Wave. Note that this is only available when your Wave is in Access Point mode.

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