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Recording Live Streams - WebUI

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You can record your live streams locally through either a compatible SD card via the SD card slot on the top of your Wave or to a USB drive through the USB port on the bottom of your Wave.

With this recording feature, you can have a backup recording of your broadcast that is free of any video dropouts due to network issues.

The quality of your recording is tied to the quality settings of your broadcast. 

Before you begin, make sure to format your SD card or drive to ExFAT or FAT before continuing.

Below are the steps to set up recording in the Wave’s Web UI interface. Please refer to our tutorial on accessing the Web UI to enter it.

First insert your chosen media

Power on your Wave and enter its Web UI and select the Event you wish to enable recording on [refer to this tutorial on creating events if you haven’t created one].

On the bottom of the Event’s page, click the arrow next to Recording to reveal recording settings, then click Enabled.

Next click the dropdown next to Drive to choose your recording media. Then enter a recording name.

Click the Format dropdown to choose a preferred recording format.

Enable Auto-Record to have your Wave start recording as soon as you start broadcasting. If Disabled, recording will have to be manually started.

Click Save to save your Recording settings. You can click Start Recording to begin recording.

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