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Connecting via USB Cellular Modem

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You can connect your Wave to the internet with cellular signal via cellular modems and hotspots that allow USB tethering.

Important Notes

Compatibility depends greatly on each specific modem and the firmware it is on, so remember to test your modem before using it to broadcast.

[Please click here] to see a reference of modems we have tested (compatibility can change without notice due to third party firmware updates)

Note: If you have a cellular hotspot modem and it doesn’t allow USB tethering, you may connect to its WiFi network, following our [tutorial] on connecting your Wave to a WiFi network.

To ensure your Event video and audio settings are optimal for your internet connection, we recommend testing your internet connection’s speed on another device on the same network using Google Speed Test, Ookla or others.

First, connect your compatible modem to either of the USB ports located on the top and bottom of your Wave and power your Wave on. Make sure your USB modem is on if it’s battery powered.

On the Wave’s home screen, tap on the gear icon to enter system settings. Then, in the Network Section, tap the Modem tab. You will see sections for each modem port, indicating their status with carrier and IMEI number. Modem 1 is the bottom port and Modem 2 is the top port.

Tap on the gear icon to configure the modem settings. You can choose between Auto or Custom presets and, if required, enter a pin, APN and username and password.

By default, you can only use one modem at a time. To bond two modem connections together to increase your broadcast’s bandwidth, you can [connect to a Sharelink account to broadcast with].

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