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Connect via Ethernet Cable - Interactive

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You can connect your Wave via ethernet cable directly to your internet modem or to it through an ethernet switcher. Make sure your ethernet network is internet connected to live stream with the connection.

To ensure your Event video and audio settings are optimal for your internet connection, we recommend testing your internet connection’s speed on another device on the same network using Google Speed Test, Ookla or others.

Plug one end of the ethernet cable into the port on the bottom of the Wave and the other to your modem or internet connected ethernet switcher.

To confirm connection, with your Wave turned on, tap on the gear icon to enter System settings or swipe from left to right to enter System Settings. Under the network section, tap Wired.

If connected, the screen will indicate Connected and show the IP address your Wave is given through DHCP. You can use this IP address to connect to its Web UI.

To enter your own IP address and network settings, tap on the Static IP mode tab and enter your preferred network information.

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