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Settings Overview - Interactive (FlowOS)

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To enter System Settings, from the main Event List screen, either tap the gear icon on the upper left or swipe from left to right. You can also access System Settings from an Event Page’s quick menu.

Your Wave’s System Settings page is where you can configure your network settings, edit Stream Destinations and access overall system functions such as updating the firmware.

On the left menu are tabs for each category of settings. Under the Network section, you can access settings for Wireless, Wired and USB modem network connections.

Under the Streaming Section, the Stream Destinations Tab, you can add and edit your authenticated Accounts and saved RTMP Channels.

Under the System category of tabs, the About tab is where you can find your serial number, rename your device and do a factory reset. 

The Display tab allows you to adjust display brightness via a slider.

The Firmware tab is where you can view the current firmware version for your Wave, toggle Auto Firmware Check on and off, and update firmware.

Lastly, the Time tab is where you can select your time zone, which will be important for scheduling events.

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