Teradek User Guide

Creating Your First Event

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1. From the main screen, tap the + icon to enter the Personalize your new Event screen.

2. Create a name for your event (optional), then select a thumbnail so that it’s easily identifiable. Tap Next when you're done.

3. Select a method to connect to the internet:
     ●  Wifi - Tap Setup, select a network, then enter your password.

     ●  Ethernet - Plug an Ethernet cable from an Ethernet switch or router. 

     ●  Modem - Insert a compatible 3G/4G/5G USB modem.

Tap Next when done.

4.  Select either a streaming account, channel, or quick stream, then follow the prompts to authenticate your destination:

     ●  ACCOUNTS - Tap Add an account to configure a streaming destination, then follow the on-
          screen prompts to authorize Wave. 

     ●  CHANNELS - Tap Add a channel to manually connect Wave to any RTMP platform using a
           server url and stream key.

     ●  QUICK STREAM - Quick stream is also for RTMP streaming, but Wave will not save the
           server URL, stream key, or your login credentials for any future events.

5. Select one of the configured accounts, channels, or quick stream destinations then
enter all applicable information (title, description, start time, etc.). 

NOTE: Depending on the destination you select, there may be additional requirements to begin streaming.

6. Select Enable or Disable Recording. If you select Enable, select a drive. Tap Next after
    making your selection.

7. Adjust the stream quality settings (Fig. 3-10), then tap Finish to view the incoming video feed. 

8. Tap the Stream tab on the top right corner to begin streaming.

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