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Essential system functions, including factory reset, firmware upgrade, and diagnostics reports  can be performed from the System Settings menu or the web UI. Tap the Shortcut tab or swipe right, then select System Settings (Settings>System from the web UI), then make a selection.

About - Display Wave’s name, model and serial number. You can also perform a Factory Reset or Reboot Wave (Monitor UI only)

Display - Adjust your monitor’s display brightness.

External Media - Check the memory capacity and contents of any attached memory drives (SD card or USB drive)

Firmware - Check for new updates and upgrade Wave’s firmware to the latest version. 

NOTE: Auto Firmware Check is enabled by default.

PERFORM FIRMWARE UPGRADE FROM MONITOR - Wave will automatically check for new firmware as soon as it’s powered on. Navigate to System Settings>Firmware to verify if an update is available, then tap Upgrade.

PERFORM FIRMWARE UPGRADE FROM WEB UI - Navigate to Settings>System>Firmware to verify if an update is available, then click Install Update.

Time (Date & Time on web UI) - Select a time zone and enter an NTP link to automatically synchronize the time and date.

Security (web UI) - Add, change, or delete your password.

Factory Reset (web UI) - Restore Wave to its original settings.

Log Out Sessions (web UI) - Log out of one or all sessions.

Diagnostics (web UI only) - Generate a diagnostic report for your Wave. Diagnostic reports can be used by Teradek’s support team to assist during troubleshooting.

Reboot - Restart Wave.

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