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Airmix: Using Shot Groups for Picture in Picture Effects

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Groups is how Airmix creates picture-in-picture (PiP) and tiled video, combining different video sources on screen. Airmix comes with some preset arrangements, but you can easily create custom PiP arrangements of your own.

In Airmix in the Sources panel, click on the multi-selection icon to toggle multi-select.

Click on two or more sources and Airmix will arrange them with the included presets in the Preview window.

To start customizing group presets, on the left panel where Shots are currently listed, click on the Groups icon to switch to that tab. All the group presets are shown according to the number of sources on screen.

Enter a group preset’s settings by long pressing on it’s icon.

Here you will see controls, preview and presets. First tap on a layer in the upper middle section to choose the source you wish to edit.

In the preview window, drag the respective layer around to reposition it and use the controls on the left to to adjust alpha (transparency), rotation and width and height scale.

Tap to Update Group to overwrite the current preset, or tap Save As New to create a new group preset. We will choose Save As New for this example.

The new preset will show up on the right side. Tap to switch between presets.

When you’re done editing, tap Save.

Your changes won’t show up in the preview window until you deselect the current shots and select new shots.

Pro Tip: If you Transition from one group preset version to another, the sources will animate into the new position. This only works for switching between saved arrangements within a Group preset.

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