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Airmix: Viewing Source and Stream Output Bitrate and Information

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To quickly look at source and stream properties, as well as view your bitrate stability, there are handy tabs right in the Airmix main page that will give you all the key information of your Airmix stream.

While streaming, tap on the Source Stats tab, represented by a list icon.

Here you will see each individual source, whether it’s a camera, video file or Teradek device.

Depending on the source type, you will see properties like resolution, sync delay white balance, etc.

You can also view CPU usage, free memory (RAM) and Mixer Skips (dropped/skipped frames).

Tap on the Stream Output tab that has a cloud icon with an up arrow inside.

On the left, you’ll see your stream’s current destination, resolution, framerate, bitrate etc settings.

On the right, you’ll see a graph of your output bitrate over time as your stream is running. This is the amount of data per second your stream is sending to the internet.

Lastly, you can also see your current output bitrate, target bitrate and total amount of data sent over the course of your stream.

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