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Airmix Quick Start: Adding Overlays

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Overlays are graphics and other media you can place on top of your video to share information and overall add to the professional look of your stream. 

Adding and controlling overlays works very similarly to adding and controlling sources. Let’s start with the basics.

Let's Get Started!

First, locate the  overlay pane right above the sources pane. By default, there is a basic Title overlay already added. 

Tap on the Title to load it into the preview pane. Tap it again to remove.  You can see how the overlay is superimposed over your Source.

To create a new Title overlay of your own, Tap Add Overlay to see a selection of overlay types to choose from.

Tap Title. You'll then be presented with the Title Editor.

Let’s edit the text by first tapping the Title Tab.

Tap Title Text and enter your text. Tap update title to save your changes.

Tap the Subtitle tab to edit the lower text. Tap the Subtitle text field and enter your text. Tap Update Subtitle to save your changes.

Adjust the size and position of your title by pinching to zoom and dragging it within the right side window.

Tap Done to save your customizations.

Tap your new overlay to preview it in the Preview pane.

Now let’s add an image overlay.

Tap on Add Overlay.

Tap Image. You’ll enter your photo library from the Photos app.

Tap to choose your desired photo and tap Done.  Your image will appear as an overlay selection.

To edit the image, tap and hold on it to enter Image Editor.

We’ll pinch to zoom and drag to move to resize it on the right hand window. Here we’re using this logo as a corner “bug” for branding.

Tap and drag the handle on the bottom slider to adjust opacity.

Tap Done to save your changes.

Tap on the image to load it into the preview pane.

Now you have two awesome overlays to make your stream look professional. To go more in depth on addition overlays and their settings, please check out our other tutorials!

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