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Airmix: How to Broadcast to Your Facebook Timeline

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On facebook, you can broadcast to your timeline, to a page you manage or a group you have permission to stream to. We’ll start by broadcasting to a personal timeline.

First, tap on the blue settings button

Tap on Broadcasting Destinations, then tap Manage Destinations.

Tap Add Destination.

Tap on Facebook Live.

Tap Continue on Facebook, then follow the steps to log in and allow Airmix to access your Facebook account. The Facebook Settings page will then appear.

Click the blue “Stream To” button to choose whether to stream to a Timeline, Page or Group. We will leave it at timeline.

Give your stream a Title and Description in the respective fields.

Choose your Stream Privacy, from visible to Everyone to Only Me.

If you are streaming a multi-hour event, turn on Continuous Live Streaming.

Keep Auto-Reconnect on if you want  to continue the same stream if there is a connection interruption.

If you want to log out, tap Use Another Account.

Otherwise, tap Done.

Then tap Done again to save your settings.

Tap the red Go Live! Button to begin streaming to Facebook. You’re live when you see the Go Live! Button turn into a timer, indicating how long you’ve been live.

On a web browser, log into the Facebook account you’re streaming to and go to the Timeline to monitor it.

To end the stream, tap the red Go Live! Button (now a counter). Then tap Stop on the Prompt window.

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