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Airmix: Editing Saved Shots in the Shot Editor

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There are a lot of options in the Shot Editor to change the settings of your saved shot without having to start all over with a new shot. This is especially useful for quickly adjusting overlays in sports for scoreboards and sponsors or to adjust titles during sporting events.

To learn the basics of creating shots, please refer to the [tutorial].

Tap and hold a shot to enter the Shot Settings window. Here, you can edit each individual element in your shot to adjust your settings for the saved shot.

Tap on one of your elements to see the specific settings for the media type on the bottom.

Tap Layering to show the Layering options.

Tap Move Up to raise the Layer visibility above another element.  This is most useful for when elements overlap.

Tap Transform to be able to pinch to zoom and drag to move the element around, as well as adjust the opacity. This is most useful for overlays.

If you have a Scoreboard overlay, tapping on it will reveal an additional Scoreboard settings tab.

Tap on the score and quarter (depending on sport type) plus and minus buttons to update the score live on both the preview and program monitor.

Tap on a camera source or video/audio file to see an additional Audio setting tab.

Tap on the Audio tab to reveal audio settings, such as volume, mute and to toggle If Video Live and Always Live options.

Tap Save to Save your settings and exit the Shot Editor.

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