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Airmix Quick Start: Broadcasting - Youtube

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We know you’re eager to get your stream online, so let’s jump right into broadcasting! We’ll cover more platforms and settings in later tutorials, but we’ll start with Youtube.

First, enter the settings page by tapping the blue button with gears on the upper right.  

Then tap Broadcasting Destinations, then tap Manage Destinations.

Tap Add Destination. You’ll see a large list of platforms to choose from including, Youtube, Facebook and Twitch.

Tap Youtube.

You’ll be prompted to log into the google account associated with the Youtube channel you want to stream to. Log in and follow the authentication steps.

Once logged in, you will be greeted by the Youtube Settings screen.

Tap the description field to give this destination a name for your own reference within the Airmix app. This name is not visible to your audience.

Tap Select Channel to choose which event to stream to.

Let’s create a new event. Tap Create New Event

Give your event a name and description

Tap Create Event.

Tap Done to exit Youtube settings. Tap Done again to save your settings and exit.

Tap the red Go Live! button on the upper right hand corner of the program monitor. 

For Youtube, you’ll have the choice to preview to check your stream in Youtube Studio before going live. Let’s Go Live right away.

Tap Go Live!

And you’re streaming to Youtube!

To stop your stream, you can tap the Go Live! Button (which shows up as a time counter during the stream) in Airmix

To manage and share your stream on the Youtube website, follow these steps.

On a computer web browser, log into the Youtube account you’re streaming to.

Click on the upper right profile icon and choose Youtube Studio.

Click Videos on the left tab bar.

Click the Live tab.

Hover your mouse cursor over your event and click on the radio wave button.

Your stream, including the chat, is viewable here.

To share your streaming link, click the Share button, and choose which method you want to use.

You can end an ongoing stream within the Youtube website by clicking End Stream.

Congratulations on your first stream! For help on streaming to other destinations, please refer to our other tutorials.

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