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Airmix: Scoreboard Overlays - Quick Start

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When live streaming sporting events, it’s super easy to create and live update a scoreboard overlay graphic right in Airmix. You can update viewers on the score in real time with just a tap. Here is a quick start guide.

To go more in-depth on customizing the look and style of your scoreboard, please refer to [this tutorial].

First, in the Project Editor pane, tap Add New Overlay.

Tap Scoreboard. You will enter the Scoreboard Editor.

On the right side of the screen, you can tap,hold and drag to reposition the scoreboard on the screen, or pinch to resize.

Below, you’ll see controls to rotate the overlay and adjust opacity.

Within the Style tab, tap on the Sport button (by default, Soccer) and choose your sport.

Tap on the Teams tab to start customizing your team names.

Tap on the Home Team Name button and enter the respective team name. Tap Update Name to save your changes.

Tap the Visiting Team Name button to edit and update the respective team name. Tap Update Name to save your changes.

Tap Done to save your changes.

Tap on the overlay to bring it into the preview pane.

Tap Cut or Transition to bring it in the live program.

On the scoreboard’s overlay button, tap the plus and minus buttons underneath “Home” and “Away” to update the score.

The score will live update in the program window.

For more in depth customizations, please refer to the [Scoreboard Overlay Customization Tutorial].

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