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Airmix: Adjusting Video and Audio File Playback Settings

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You can customize the playback settings for video and audio files, such as media playback start and end points, from within the media’s settings page.

Video and audio files share the same source settings. The main difference is that audio files will not have the Transforms and Color settings sub panels for obvious reasons. Refer to the Transforms and Color Controls tutorials to learn how to use them.

Let's Get Started!

First, tap and hold either a Video or Audio File source in our Sources pane.

Tap on the preview window to see a preview of your media file with the settings as you change them.

Below the preview are your trim controls. Tap, hold and slide the white handles to set the starting and ending points.  This customizes where in the media it starts and stops playing back.

On the right side, there’s information about the duration, cropped duration, start time and end time, reflecting any trim edits you’ve made.

Below that are audio options. Tap hold and drag the volume slider to adjust the playback volume.

And choose either Always On or On If Live option for audio.

Always On is useful for having background music. On If Live will only play audio if the file is cut into the program pane.

In the Video Completion section, choose whether to Stop, Loop or Transition. 

Stop will just cut to black at the end of the media, loop will replay the media until you edit to another source and Transition will automatically cut to the shot loaded in the Preview pane using the active Transition type.

In the Video Deselection section, choose Pause or Reload.  

Pause holds on the last frame seen in the program when you edit to another source, and continues playing from that point when edit back into the program.

Tap Done to save your settings.

To see your changes, you will need to make sure the source isn’t in the preview or program pane (through deselection or cutting to a different shot respectively), as that will represent the older settings, then select the source and edit it into the Program pane.

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