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Airmix: How to Apply Audio Filters

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You can enhance your audio with professional tools right within Airmix’s Audio Mixer. Add filters such as high pass, low pass and compression onto your audio sources to give your sound the polish.

To get started, enter the Audio Mixer in Airmix by tapping the musical note icon.

On an audio source, tap the filter button represented by an ear icon.  You will enter the Audio Filter settings.

In the Audio Filtering Tab, tap on your desired preset.

And/or customize your settings with the sliders

The compression tab is where you add compressions settings to help even out dynamic audio level changes. If your audio has a lot of high volume and low volume moments, this helps compress those levels to be more audible to your audience.

Tap on the Audio Compression tab.

Choose from common compression values and ratios.

Or customize your own with the sliders.

For the basics of using the Audio Mixer, please refer to our Audio Mixer quick start tutorial!

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