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Airmix Quick Start: Adding Sources - Airmix Remote

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Sources are camera angles, video and audio files that make the heart of your live stream. You can see your sources on the bottom center pane.  

By default, your ipad’s built-in camera is added as a source. Adding more sources allows you to cut in between different camera angles for a professional live stream.

You can use an iPhone as an additional camera angle to switch between. Let’s start adding that as a source.

Let's Get Started!

First install the Airmix Remote app on your iPhone.

In your iPhone's settings, connect to the same Wi-Fi network as the iPad running Airmix.

Launch Airmix Remote on your iPhone.

On Airmix in your iPad, tap Add Source.

Then tap Teradek Device.

Tap on the name of your phone, which should appear in the device list.

Tap Done.

Tap Use in the prompt to use the full quality of video from your iPhone (provided your network connection is strong enough on both devices). For weaker signals or lower speed networks, choose Don't Use.

Video from your phone’s camera now shows up as a source in the Sources pane.

Tap between your sources to view each one in the preview pane.

To learn how live switch between sources for your stream, refer to our Switching Quick Start guide.

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