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Airmix: Replays - Quick Start

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For sporting events, you can replay moments for your audience from external sources - such as a high action moment like a slam dunk, home run, crossing the finish line etc. You can save multiple replays and play them back slower or faster than realtime.

First, tap on the Instant Replay tab that’s labeled with a clock and backwards looping arrow. All your video sources will be displayed in the replay tab.  

At the time of this writing, with iPad firmware limitations, the iPad’s internal camera does not support replays - only external video sources.

On the source you want to create replays from, tap Enable Replay. 

This will start an internal recording buffer.

You can adjust the buffer length on the right hand side of the replay pane.

To capture your first replay in this tab, you can tap on the orange replay button on the side OR tap the replay button within the source’s sub-window.

Tap the Custom Editor pane and you will see a new source in your Sources pane named after the source with a “Replay” tag at the end.

Tap to load the replay into the preview pane.

Tap Cut or Transition to switch it into the program and begin playback. 

The replay will loop until you switch to another source or replay.

Tap the orange Replay All button to capture a new replay clip for all sources enabled for replay.

The new replay will be loaded into the replay sources, ready to be switched to.

Tap and hold the replay in the source pane to open Instant Replay Settings. 

Here you can edit the start and end points of the replay’s playback, as well as load prior replays from that source.

Tap Capture replay to capture a new replay from the buffer just for that source.

Drag the white handles on the green line to set start and end points of the replay playback.

Below is the playback control, where you can start, pause and drag to shuttle playback for previewing or to control playback when the replay is live in the program pane.

Below the playback control are the playback speed settings. Tap on 1/4x, 1/2x, 1x, 2x or 4x playback speeds.

On the right side of the pane is a list of replays you have captured for that source. Tap to select the desired replay to play back.

Tap Done to return to the Custom Editor window.

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