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Airmix Quick Start: Switching Between Sources

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Switching between multiple cameras and other sources makes your live stream look even more professional - and it’s easy to get started!

On the upper half of the screen is your preview monitor on the left and program monitor on the right.  

The preview monitor allows you to view a source BEFORE you make it live and is not visible to your audience. When it goes live, it will show up in the program pane, which is what your audience sees.

Let's Get Switching!

Tap a source to load it into the preview monitor.  

When you are ready to take it live, you have a couple of options on the lower right of the screen, - Cut and Transition.

Tapping cut will make the shot loaded into the preview monitor cut immediately into the program. And the shot is live!

For a smoother edit, tap transition. By default, this is set to a cross dissolve, which is a pleasing way to smooth out cuts.

You can edit the transition setting by tapping on the option below the editing buttons. There’s also the slide, scale and zoom transitions to choose from.  For now, let’s increase the cross dissolve speed a bit.

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