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Airmix: How to Create a Timer or Clock Overlay

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If you, for example, want to display the time of day of your live stream, display a countdown to your stream’s start time or show a timer of an on-screen event, you can easily add it to your streams right within Airmix. This works as a Custom Text option.

In the Overlays Pane, tap Add New Overlay.

Tap Custom Text.

Tap the Timers Tab

Under the Timer Mode section, tapping Clock will change the title text to display the current time.

Under Configure Timer Display, tap on Sec to toggle seconds display on and off in the title.

To create a countdown timer, tap the Down button under Timer Mode.

Under configure Timer Display, you can also toggle Hour, Min and Sec display.

Tap on the respective numbers under Hour, Min and Sec to customize how long the countdown timer will last.

To start the timer now, tap Start Timer. The timer will run even if not selected or live. Tap Stop Timer to stop.

For a count-up timer, under Timer Mode, tap the Up selection.

Under Configure Timer Display, toggle your preferred Hour, Min and Sec display.

You can customize the starting count time to count up from by tapping the numbers under the Hour, Min and Sec buttons. Or just leave it to start from zero.

Tap Start Timer to begin counting up. It will continue counting up even if not selected or in the program.

Tap Stop Timer to stop.

Tap clear to reset the count-up timer to zero.

Tap Done to save your settings.

Please refer to our Custom Text Overlay tutorial to learn how to customize the look of the timer.

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