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Getting Started with Airmix

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Airmix is a powerful tool for both beginners and pros alike. Here are the steps to start your first live stream.  

Important: Be sure your iPad is connected to a solid internet connection. Weak wifi signal or slow service can cause live streaming errors.

Let’s launch Airmix for the first time:

In the introductory prompts, choose permissions for photos, camera, microphone and location services.  

You can also allow access in your iPad’s Settings app to change these after the fact.

After the subscription page, you will be in Airmix’s main interface.

Next, we’ll choose a platform to stream to, such as Facebook, Youtube, etc.

Tap the blue Settings button in the upper right cover.

Tap Broadcasting Destinations.

Tap Manage Destinations.

Tap Add Destination.

You will be presented with a list of streaming destination options to select and log into. For steps on adding and setting up specific destinations, please refer to our tutorials on [Youtube], [Facebook], [Twitch] etc.

Now that we’ve set up our destination, let’s start our first stream using the iPad’s camera.

Your iPad’s camera shows up as the default source in the Source pane on the bottom center of your screen.

Tap on the thumbnail to load it into your Preview pane on the upper left.

The preview pane is where you can view and set up your shots before they go live into the Program Pane on the right.

Tap Cut or Transition to send the shot from the Preview pane to the Program pane.

The Program pane is what your live audience will see when you are live.

Let’s go live by tapping the red Go Live! button on the upper right of your screen.

After confirming any prompts (depending on your destination), you will be live! Indicated by the Go Live! button turning into a counter of your live stream runtime.

Tap the Go Live! button (now a counter) to stop your stream. Depending on your streaming platform, you may get a confirmation prompt.

Congratulations on completing your first live stream in Airmix!  

To go even further with Airmix, learn how to add [additional sources] to switch between, [add graphic overlays], and more, please browse our [tutorial database]. Also, be sure to join our [user group] on Facebook to connect with fellow Airmix users!

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