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Airmix: Title Overlay Customization - In Depth

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If you haven’t looked at the Adding Overlays quick start document, please refer to it for the basics of adding overlays.

Beyond simple editing of text and positioning of titles, you can customize the color and shape of the title, and save presets for future titles. This allows for a quick and easy way to create custom titles right from the Airmix App.

In the Overlays pane, tap Add New Overlay.

Tap Title. By default, you’re presented with title text Presets.

We’ll create a new title. Tap Add New Title. A new title with placeholder text will appear.

Tap the Title Tab.

Tap the Title Text field and enter your desired top title text.

Tap Update Title to save your changes.

Under Title Colors, tap Main to edit the color of the shape behind your main title.

Tap, hold and drag the center circle of the color wheel to change the color of the main title shape.

Tap, hold and drag the brightness slider handle to adjust the brightness of the shape. The title text will automatically change from white to black depending on the brightness of the color you choose.

You can also choose one of the grayscale presets on the bottom.

Tap the green check mark to save your settings or the red X to cancel changes.

Tap the Trim button to edit the trim line around the shape.

You’ll have the same color editing options as with the Main Title Colors options. Customize and tap the green check mark to save.

Under Text Alignment, choose Left, Center or Right.

Tap on the Subtitle Tab to edit the lower text on the title.

You’ll have the exact same controls on the text, shape color and text alignment as with the main Title, except for the bottom “Subtitle Type” section.

In the Subtitle Type section, you can choose from the default Text, today’s date and your current location (with location services enabled).

Tap on the Style tab to see your title style options.

Tap on the Corners setting box and scroll through different options. A style is selected when you release your finger.

Tap on the Tint settings box and scroll through the presets. A style is selected when you release your finger.

Title and Subtitle Color customizations affect tint styles differently.

Drag and pinch to move and resize the title’s position on the screen in the window on the right.

Tap the plus and minus buttons in the rotation setting to rotate the whole title.

Tap, hold and drag the Opacity slider handle to adjust the title’s overall opacity.

Tap Done to save your changes and return to the main screen. 

Your custom overlay is now ready to use in your live stream program.!

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