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Airmix: How to Broadcast with Core

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Broadcasting to multiple destinations to reach more audiences in different platforms, such as broadcasting to Youtube, Facebook and Twitch simultaneously, is possible using Teradek’s Core cloud service. You can even record your stream on the platform. To learn more about core, please visit this link.

To stream to Core in Airmix, you’ll need to have a Core account set up. To learn how to use Core, please refer to our tutorials [HERE].

Let's Get Started!

First, tap the blue settings button.

Tap Broadcasting Destinations. Then tap Manage Destinations.

Tap Add Destination.

Tap Core.

Enter your login credentials and tap Login to Core.

Tap Manually add a Sputnik Destination.

You can customize the name, Host IP and Port if needed. Tap Done to save your settings.

Tap Manage Destinations.

Tap the Core destination you just created to see its settings.

Here you can customize the Display Name within Airmix, change the connection, toggle reconnect and adjust buffer length.

Tap Done and Done again to save your settings.

Tap Go Live! To begin streaming to Core.

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