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Airmix: Adding a Custom Text Overlay

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You can add a Custom Text overlay to customize your live stream program by adding simple on-screen text. This is helpful for creating any non-graphical text on the spot within Airmix.

In the Overlays Pane, tap Add New Overlay.

Tap Custom Text.

Tap on the Edit Text field to add your own text.

Tap Update Text to save your custom text. You’ll see a preview of your text in the right window.

Change the justification, bold and italic settings by tapping on the formatting options below the Edit Text field.

Scroll and tap on your preferred font from the list.

Tap, hold and drag the white Scale handle to change the font size.

In the preview window, tap, hold and drag and pinch to zoom to choose the text’s position on the screen.

Tap the Rotation plus or minus signs to rotate your text.

Tap, hold and drag the Opacity handle to customize the opacity.

Tap on the Colors Tab to change text color settings.

Tap on Text color to enter Text Color Settings.

Tap, hold and drag the circle at the center of the color wheel to choose your color.

Tap, hold and drag the Opacity and Brightness setting slider handle bars to adjust the respective text color settings.

There are some basic color and opacity presets below.

Tap the green check mark to save your settings, or the red X to cancel.

Tap the Shadow Color button for the same color controls for your text’s drop shadow.

Tap the Background Color button to add a background box to increase visibility.

Tap hold and slide the opacity and brightness sliders to enable the background. The rest of the color controls are the same.

Tap Border Color to add a square border around your text.

Increase the opacity and brightness to enable the box. The rest of the color controls are the same.

Tap Done to save your Custom Text.

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