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Airmix: How to Broadcast via RTMP

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If your broadcast platform is not listed in the Destinations list, or you prefer not to log into the platform, you can use the RTMP(s) option to stream directly to the platform.

If your chosen platform supports RTMP streaming, you will need to locate and obtain the RTMP URL and Stream key to do this. We will have separate tutorials on how to find this information in different platforms published soon.

Got Your RTMP(S) URL and Stream Key? Let's Get Started!

Tap on the blue settings button.

Tap Broadcasting Destinations., then tap Manage Destinations.

Tap Add Destination.

Scroll down and tap the RTMP(s) destination.

Tap in the name field to customize the name of your destination for easy reference.

Tap the URL field and type or paste your RTMP URL.

Tap the Stream field and type or paste your Stream Key here.

The User Agent setting only needs to be changed if your RTMP destination doesn’t support FMLE. Most of the time, the default FMLE will work.

For RTMP destinations protected with a login and password, enter the credentials in the User and Password fields. Otherwise, leave the fields blank.

Toggle Auto-Reconnect if you want the stream to continue in the case of an internet signal interruption.

Tap Done.

Tap Done again to save your settings.

Tap the red Go Live! button to start streaming to your RTMP destination!

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