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Airmix: Adding adding a Teradek Vidiu Device as a Source

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If you have a Vidiu Go, Pro or X hooked up to a camera and connected to the same network (wireless or ethernet), you can add it as a source to add to your live stream.

Note: The Vidiu X will simply need to be connected to the same network to be added. The Go and Pro needs to be set to Live:Air Mode.

Let's Get Started!

To set your Vidiu Go or Pro to Live:Air mode, first, click the center button on your Vidiu to enter the settings menu.

Click the center button again to enter Broadcast Settings

With the “Plat:” Platform selection highlighted, click the center button.

Scroll down to Live:Air and click the center button.

On Airmix, tap Add New Source.

Tap Teradek Device. Your Vidiu should show up in the device list.

Tap to select your Vidiu on the list and tap Done to save your settings.

Your Vidiu now shows up as a source to add to your live stream!

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