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Airmix: How to Record Your Program onto Your iPad

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Airmix can record a video file of your program, so if there’s poor internet connection quality, or no internet at all, you can still create a quality recording of your event to upload later. This is also useful for those looking to pre-record a program to release at a later date.

Let's Get Started!

Tap on the Record Program tab with the circle icon.

In the recording pane, the main area is where your recordings will be listed. Your recording controls are on the right.

Choose from High, Standard or Low Recording Quality presets on the right.

You can see a summary of the recording Bitrate, Resolution and the amount of remaining memory on your iPad below the Recording Quality presets. The recorded file will be the same resolution as your program’s set resolution.

Tap the red record button to start recording ahead of your live stream.

You can also only record and not live stream to do a pre-recorded program. The Record tab icon will be red when recording. 

After recording your program, tap the record button again to stop recording. 

The file of your recording will show up in the list.

Tap on a recording to select it.

Tap on Copy to Photos to save it to your iPad’s Photos app.

Tap Delete Recording to delete the file. Tap Delete in the prompt to confirm. 

Tap and hold on the recording to have a shortcut to the same Copy to Photos and Delete options pop up in a window.

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