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Airmix: Using the Audio Mixer

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They say sound is half the picture and Airmix’s Audio Mixer makes sure you have professional control over what your audience hears. 

To access the audio mixer, tap on the music note icon to reveal the audio mixer panel.  You’ll see your audio sources on the left and your program mix control on the right.

Use the source level slider to control the volume on each individual source to mix to taste. Use the program level slider to adjust the master output volume.

By default, when you cut from one source to another, you’ll also cut to that source’s audio via the Audio Follows Video, or AFV, mode. AFV mode is indicated by the “If Video Live” mode.

To keep the source of sound on all the time, you can toggle the Always On mode so that the audio of that source will stay audible no matter which source you switch to.

To silence unwanted audio, tap the Mute button.

By tapping the ear icon, you enter the audio filter settings page. You can apply different filters to enhance your audio. Please refer to our audio filter tutorial to learn more.

The monitor button allows you to listen to select which sources for you to listen to check on without affecting the program audio output. The Reset dB button puts the audio levels back at default settings.

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