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Airmix: Using the Transforms Tools to Reframe Your Camera and Video File Sources

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In Source Settings, there are options to transform, or reframe, your image. You can zoom in/out, reposition or adjust opacity for different uses, such as creating a custom picture-in-picture.

First, tap and hold on your camera or video file source in the Sources pane.

Tap the magnifying glass icon on the lower left of the settings pane. You will enter the Transforms settings pane.

On the right window, you can pinch to easily zoom in and out of your image.

You can also drag with one or two fingers to reposition your image.

Use two fingers to rotate your image.

Use the manual scale and rotation plus and minus buttons on the left to fine tune your settings.

Tap the lock icon to unlink your scale settings.

You can then use the plus and minus buttons to separate scale the width and height.

Tap, hold and drag the Opacity slider handle to adjust the image’s opacity.

Tap on one of the presets on the bottom to easily apply common settings.

Save your own settings as a preset by tapping the Save button.

To delete a preset, tap and hold a preset until it shakes, then tap the trash icon.

To completely reset all transforms settings, tap the Reset button.

To save all your changes, tap Done.

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