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Airmix: How to Stream to Youtube Live Via RTMPS

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If you want to avoid having to log into a Youtube account to stream (if you’re having login issues or streaming to a client’s Youtube channel), you can stream directly to an existing Youtube Live event via RTMP.

Let's Get Started!

In Airmix, Tap the blue settings button

Tap Broadcasting Destinations and then tap Manage Destinations.

Tap Add Destination.

Tap the RTMP(s) Destination

Give the Destination a Custom Name

In a web browser, on your Youtube Live event’s control room (refer to tutorials linked above), locate the RTMP URL field and tap the Copy Button

Back in Airmix, long tap the URL field and tap Select All, then tap Paste to paste the RTMP URL.

In Safari, back in the event’s control room, locate the Stream Key field and tap the Copy button.

Back in Airmix, long tap the Stream field and tap Paste to paste the stream key. You do NOT need to enter a login and password.

Toggle the Auto-Reconnect option to continue the stream if there’s a signal interruption.

Tap Done then tap Done again to apply your settings.

You are now ready to stream to your Youtube Live event sans logging in!

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