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Airmix: How to Color Correct Image, Video and Camera Sources

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Airmix has a plethora of professional tools to edit the color of your images, and even add chromakey for green screens, in the color editor. 

This is great to help you match colors between camera angles on the fly, right in Airmix, instead of having to physically change settings on the cameras.

The color editor is available for Camera Sources, Video Files and Images.

Let's Get Started!

Enter the settings of a Camera Source, Video File or Image by tapping and holding on it.

In the settings pane, look for the sliders icon and tap on it. The location will vary depending on the type of media. 

There are tabs for Chromakey, Shadows, Midtones, Highlights, Tint and Extras.  

We will first color correct via the Shadows, Midtones and Highlights Tabs.  

In the shadows tab, tap, hold and slide any of the white slider handles to adjust the shadow level in unison.

Tap the large plus and minus buttons to increase and decrease the overall shadow levels incrementally.

Tap the lock toggle to be able to drag each color channel’s slider independently.

Tap the small plus and minus buttons to increase and decrease the specific color channel levels incrementally. This will adjust the individual color channels even if the lock is enabled.

The level and color controls are the same in midtones and highlights.

Tap the Tint Tab.

Tap, hold and slide the sliders to create a tint color and apply strength with gain.

Tap the Extras Tab for some additional effects.

Tap, hold and slide the Shift Hue slider to change the hue of the overall image.

Tap, hold and slide the Distort Lens slider to add a lens distortion effect or to correct a camera lens distortion.

Tap, hold and slide the Sharpness slider to apply sharpness to the image.

To save your settings as a preset, tap the Save button on the lower right.

Tap Reset to remove all color settings.

To save your color settings to the shot, tap Done.

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