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Multi-Output License

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Firmware 2.20 only supports 2 streams while 2.21 supports up 5 total streams.

What Does It Do?

The Multi-Output License allows your Prism device to output up to five streams to five different streaming destinations simultaneously. While each output destination can be individually configured, the encoding parameters such as resolution, bitrate, audio, and codec, will be identical for all five streams.

Installing the Multi-Output License

1. Before you begin, make sure to purchase the Multi-Output License. If you don't have a license, contact [email protected] to purchase one.
2. Navigate to the IP address of your Prism device to open the web UI.
3. From the web UI, open the Licenses page and click the Enter License Key tab to enter the Decode License key. 

3. Open the Input / Encoding tab and ensure the Encoder Mode is set to Next-Gen, then click Save.

4. Scroll back up to the Streaming tab and select one of the available streams, then select a Stream Mode

5. Configure the Stream Settings, then click Save when done. 

6. After configuring your output streams, you can view their statuses in the right sidebar by clicking on any stream in the left sidebar. All five streams will output video at the same resolution, bitrate, and audio, and use the same codec.

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